Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Top 10 Goth Songs of All Time

It's time for Halloween so here are the top 10 goth songs of all time.Sure some of the more popular artists are missing, while they make great pop songs to dance to, I am talking about what has the two main elements of goth...passion and darkness. The EDM that you wave your cyber dreads to has very little of either. So You can cry about the fact that "Headhunter" is missing, but you should also consider suicide as your next major life decision.

 10- Fields Of The Nephilim- "Submission"

Maybe it was the cowboy hats, but I think this band is criminally under rated in the goth scene. The reason for this more than likely the grit in their sound is too much for the girly boys more into the fashion, but that's why the Crux-Shadows exist. The song is very powerful and high lights every thing there is to love about this band.


9- Type o Negative-"Be My Druidess"

You were expecting "Black No. 1". This is not the top 10 most popular goth songs. These are the best and the refrain of "I'll do anything to make you cum" is enough to earn it's spot here. I did wrestle with a few different songs of their's but this one shows so many sides and has a wide enough dynamic range to elevate it above the others.

8-Dead Can Dance - "the Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove"

Sure they have darker songs. More exotic songs.Spookier songs, but this one is Perry singing at his most passionate, with a good slinky groove under him that puts all the pieces together in a more regal manner than other projects can muster.

7- the Smiths - "Unloveable"

 When Morrissey sings "I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside, and if I seem a little that because I am". I think it makes more sense to have them here than say Joy Division, because even though Ian Curtis and friends often use darker tones than Johnny Marr, there is more of a romantic elegance in the music of the Smiths, with Joy Division coming across more like depressed punk.

6- Swans - "Killing For Company"

A creepy song about serial killers that has an almost erotic darkness to can this not be on the list. It hits that sweet spot I love in music where it is so dark that it's heavy even though it is not metal. Gira's voice sounds great.

5-the Cocteau Twins-"Blue Bell Knoll"

 It might not be as dark as what they were doing on the first album, but I think that this serves as the best example of what they did at the peak of their musical powers. This has the ethereal side coupled with a hypnotic pulse for the angel that is Elizabeth Fraser to sing over. It has enough of a shadow side to earn it's place here, despite the dream pop tag this often gets, Siouxsie was either doing punk or pop, so this has enough of an edge to keep it from becoming 80's night fodder.

   4-Christian Death- "Deathwish" 

Another case of this might not be their most popular song...yes, I'm talking about you "Romeo's Distress", but this is their best one. It has more drive and balls to the guitar riff and captures the dirty junkie feeling of 80's Los Angeles.


3- Skinny Puppy- " Love in Vein" 

The best song off their best album. This also the best song off the best industrial album, so if I was going to thrown in one industrial song then this had to be it.Darker than Ministry or the bigger more poppy projects could ever muster no matter how many inches they had.

 2- David Bowie- "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)"

 Of course this genre would not exist without Bowie, he touched on many sub-genres from New Romantic to Industrial, in fact I could make a list of Bowie's top ten goth songs, though aside from maybe "Outside" and "Low" I would not say he has put out an entire album of goth, he just colors some of his songs with darker sonic colors, this one being the darkest.


1- the Cure :  "One Hundred Years"

While Robert Smith would not want himself to be over Bowie, we are not saying the Cure is better than Bowie as a whole, so there is no need to get your little black knickers in a bunch, as far a goth songs go this one just happens to be the best. It's moody, but has balls. You can dance to it, shoot dope to it or fuck to it. Most of all it is so dark you can feel it.

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