Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wrekmeister Harmonies : "Light Falls"

In a similar sonic space as Swans if we are talking about of the more atmospheric moments. The expanded line-up now features members of Godspeedyoublackemperor!, which also clues you in as to what you are getting yourself into. It's a shame I don't do drugs anymore, because these guys would be the perfect music to drop some acid to if you were feeling more meditative than going with Skinny Puppy. Drums come in to help ground "the Light Burns Us All" which is what the female vocals were chanting earlier in the album. The builds into a heavier pulse. There is more sonic intensity, but it's not heavy as in metal. However this would work better on a list of of non-metal artists that would appeal to metal heads than some of the choices place upon the list that Invisible Oranges released. Not sure how emo or the Arctic Monkeys works for anything, but tepid click bait.

Thematically the album is based around the concept of the gradual change from light to darkness and I can hear how dusk might be conveyed in the atmosphere of "Light Sick". The violin cuts through the minimalist ambiance. The drums once again elevate the intensity by kicking the song into an almost "No Quarter " like groove. There is a very similar dynamic to the formula this album seems to have established on the other songs , starting more sedate then swelling into a sonic storm cloud. The spoken word vocals return on "Where Have You Been My Lovely Son?". This really feels more like an interlude that "Some Were Saved, Some Drowned" pours out of. The vocals rise out of their more narrative to build into more of a yell. The reprise of "Where Have You Been My Lovely Son?" is more of an outro as it doesn't really expand much more on what they have already done, except expand the lyrical perspective.

There are some pretty pleasing sounds on this album that certainly massaged my ear drums the right way, but I am not sure this is an album that I would derive a great deal of listening out of due to the fact it's mainly instrumental and it works of the same vibe for the bulk of the album. I will give this album an 8 as this project successfully recorded what they set out to do and are talented musicians. If you are fan of post-rock this might go a little further for you.

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