Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hesitation Wounds :"Awake For Everything".

Just catching up with this band who put this album out back in May, but it's never too early to catch up on the rest of the year as end of the year lists will be on us before we know it. This band plays a very raw and emotive form of hard core that uses a sonic drone to their attack. The songs are short and sweet, under the three minute mark. The second song "Bleach" doesn't strike me as being as inspired as the opening track. "Hands Up" has more groove as well as sonic hammering, making their only weak point the vocals that scream in the same tone and cadence most of the time. Their solution for this is sit the vocals further back in the mix for the darker, moodier "New Abuse". The guitar touches on almost shoe gaze like melodies. There is more of a grind core explosion for the punk of "All We Know".  At under a minute there is not much they can do to develop into from being a temper tantrum into an actual song.

The verse guitar to "Ends (pt1) helps keeps it from just being another stampede. "Guthrie" starts off in a more one dimensional direction, but the guitars expand this and make it bigger. Finally the vocals shift into a low murmur rather than a scream and the guitar weave a dark web that reminds me of Converges more introspective moments. "Teeth" takes a dirty more metallic guitar tone and sets it over a punk rock pacing.This is one of the album's more thoughtfully written songs. Even at a minute and a half they cram enough into it to make it work. The vibe changes dramatically on the second part of "ends" . The vocals go from a more narrative tone into the angered screaming. The guitars shift with this. At three minutes and forty -two seconds this is one of the album's longer songs.

There is a more expressive and melodic sense to the more screamo "Streamlined" that closes the album. The guitar melodies are cool and the vocals even seem to be letting his voice crack in a little different manner though it's far from a dramatic change in what he does. Vocals aside this album is pretty strong I'll give it an 8.


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