Monday, September 26, 2016

Bölzer : "Hero"

I am still trying to figure out what the hoopla about this band is after having listened to the first song on their debut album. The title track that follows the opener keeps things at a similar pace. This Swiss band sometimes comes across like a blackened thrash version of Motorhead. The cleanly sung vocals sound like they are tone deaf as they are bellowed out of key. They have garnered much of  the buzz of a few eps which even by their label's admission are more roughly recorded than this album. The metal elite might turn on them because this album sounds like they were more pain staking in the studio. Metal kids can be silly like that. "Phosphor" is more driven by blast beats though there is a down tuned Meshuggah like current running under it. The vocals come in after three minutes of this and don't really add a whole lot.

There is a more focused throb to "I am Ill" that allows for the guitar to do a little more in terms of melody. The more Venom like vocal works well enough here. The song that follows "Spiritual Athleticism" plays more of a off a deathly thrashing speed. The mumble clean vocals really don't add much this one either.  When it slows for the swift current of double bass tug with more power these guys come across as being heavier than when they are rushing a more blitzed barrage by you. Sometimes this is handled in a way that reminds me more of Kreator or the more recent Vader. I think they are more musical on "Chlorophyilla". The guitar carries a sharper hook. I am not sure that the vocal have more purpose, but they do jab at you with more solid footing. The sun vocals are a little lower he and this resonance keeps them in key. This album is well played and executed aside from the clean vocals. Production wise all of the guitar parts are where they need to be in the mix in order to bring out what they do best. I'll give this album a 7.5, it sounds good and has a solid head banging drive to it, these guys however seem to be a little more hyped than necessary. If you want some heavier than thrash, but ready for black metal then this album could be your thing.

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