Thursday, September 15, 2016

Survive : "RR7349"

These guys are now on your radar because two of their members scored "Stranger Things". The question is what can they do as an entire unit? It's very similar to what you heard with 'Stranger Things" vintage 80's synths that take you back to the time when horror movies where innocent fun. It's highly atmospheric with more groove than drone though sonically sometimes comes closer to krautrock than say dark-wave. The second song "Other" is slower and more ghostly than the opener. It sounds like the kind of music that robots would do drugs to. "Dirt' weaves a similar web though it doesn't feel quite as compelling, I am beginning to feel like a need a laser show to go with this album. The 808 drum sound to "High Rise" and the arpeggiated synth sound gives this one better sense of movement, but the chord progressions are beginning to sound the same.

"Wardenclyffe" has more of a stomp to it's groove though never comes close to the kind of kick most industrial has. The synth melodies in this song get a little more interesting and almost have me bobbing my head despite their best efforts to drone me out with some of the narcotic sonics. "Sorcerer" is darker, but more abstract and ambient as it hangs on the lush synth pad sounds. It never really takes as much form as the other songs and has a more minimal arrangement. "Low Fog" even pushes the envelope of ambiance further and lives up to the title.

"Copter" is one of this album's strongest songs thanks to it's powerful pulse.It fades out in a wave of ambient muck, but keeps it's momentum for the bulk of the song. "Cutthroat" closes the album. It is more foreboding, but also sounds like old school arcade game music. I'll give this album a 8.5. It's not something I need to listen to on a daily basis and wouldn't make it over to my iPod, but for what it is does a great job of using analoge synths to paint these bleak landscapes.


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