Friday, September 9, 2016

Bat For Lashes : "the Bride"

Well it took me long enough to find this on-line. It opens with a more folk ballad feel. Natasha Khan's voice is just as impressive as it was on "the Haunted Man". She sticks close to the shadows and continues to pick up where Sinead O'Connor left off in her hey day. More movement bubbles to the surface by the time we get to "In God's House". While she does hit some pretty ethereal notes, this groove gives way to the ambiance and finds the songs losing it's tangibility. There is more of a trip-hop feel to "Honeymooning Alone". I like the fact that there is a darker tension to this song.

I don't have to have her dancing, but I need the pulse that drives "Sunday Love". It gives the song more focus. Is it poppier? Sure, but it works. This also readies me dynamically for when things back off on "Never Forgive the Angels". It's a ghostly ballad that is not far removed from what Marisa Nadler does. "Close Encounters" is back to the more folk ballad formula, though much more surreal. "Widow's Peak" is more of a spoke word interlude than a song and would never make it to my iPod. We go back to the ballads for "Land's End" which is so delicate it is barely there. The piano based "If I Knew" is grounded enough in the lyrics and melody that it's softer touch works in a manner similar to Sarah McLaughlin. I don't listen to stuff this estrogen fueled and angel kissed anymore, but I can appreciate it because it's well written. The atmosphere to "I Will Love Again" tones down the estrogen gives it a more opiate pulse.

"In Your Bed" closes the album. It's yet another ballad. I'm fine with her becoming more of an ethereal torch singer. I think she might have a edge of Lana Del Ray here because her pipes slightly outclass Ms. Del Ray. Not sure if lyrically she carries the same edge and that might be where Lana edges her out. I can say this album takes less chances than "the Haunted Man". I'll round this up to a 9. I would say perhaps this is just a phase, but it feels more like a cause of her maturity taking her in a different direction that might not be where I prefer her to go. She has a great voice and this album is pretty damn good, for me it really depends on if I am in the mood for this sort of thing.

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