Friday, September 9, 2016

Brain Tentacles : "s/t"

Ok, I'm prepared for some jazz freak out prog. Not sure if I am in the mood for it, but prepare to experience it. The press released compared this to Jorn Zorn and Mr. Bungle, so that raises the bar. The intro to "Fruit Cake" has that kind of zany groove. The mix is rougher around the edges. The first song that really commits to heaviness aside from a few punches here and there is "Cosmic Warriors Girth Curse". The vocals are screamed in a husky sludge like manner with the sax holding down a melody as they continue to drone on the pounding. This is also the first song that really connects with me. "Hand of God" finds the horns taking a more oppressive role before following the bass.

They throw caution to the wind with the reckless angular jazz rock of "Gassed". This has more of a burly Amp Rep like feel as I could hear the Butthole Surfers or the Melvins treading these waters. They blare into the more spastic grind of "the Spoiler" which finds the sax fighting to ease some of it's rage. "The Sadist" is more focused than the casual jam of "Sleestack Lightning". It's not until "the Sadist" locks into the more swinging groove that it finds it's feet. The darker mood of "Fata Morgana". "Peace In War" is the polar opposite to the cool calm collected groove of the previous and instead indulges in a more scathing temper tantrum. Scathing temper tantrums are over crowding my in-box and are a dime a dozen so not as impressed.

They go back into the more Morphine like place with the twelve minute pulse of "Palantine". At the three and a half minute mark when it begins to evolve from this and build the intensity, it's done in a very tasteful manner and not a childish outburst. Though the fade out at the five minute mark seems a little premature as the song opts to morph into some Jerky Boys shit. I'll round this album up to a 8.5 as I enjoy the moments that they do hit which balance the somber grooves, it's when they fall into the dumb metal pitfalls that they lose me, but they keep things cool more often than not. Relapse drops this album September 30th.

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