Thursday, September 29, 2016

Street Sects :" End Position"

Punk meets industrial is not as odd a pairing as kids might think today. If the guitar was dialed back on the Lard albums there might have been as similar sound as this gang of wacky kids conjures on this album in 2016.There is a more spastic side of "Copper in the the Slots". This almost comes across as more of an interlude and less of a song if you weight it against a song like "In Defense of Resentment" . It has more glitch ridden twists and turns than your average militant industrial song, and certainly owes more to Skinny Puppy than other industrial acts though pre-metal Ministry's influence can be felt as well.

 "Feather Weight Hate" proves that real singing can take place and it doesn't all have to be manic screams. There is ranting, abrasion and drone all wrapped into "Our Lesions". The vocals are more crazed, to the point of questioning if any of this makes any sense. There is almost a power-violence thing going on with "Victims of Nostalgia". It really rides the border between being music and just noise. "Black Din" sets an almost death rock mood against the crazed electronics. So far it might be my favorite song on the album. "Feigning Familiarity" is easier to turn into a blur of background noise on the first listen, on the second time around I can find the melody. By the last two songs I'm guessing I'll have to resign myself to the fact that this album is losing some of it's steam apart."Collared, Kept" is more of flailing chaos with plenty of aggro. The vocals just don't give me anything in the blur of glitch driven samples to really latch onto.This begins to remind me of old Butthole Surfers. There is a little more cohesive of a vocal on the last song.The odd break into an ambient drone kinds looses the momentum.

 Overall I like what these guys are trying to do. I am on board with any band trying to bring back the golden age of industrial, these guys don't do it with the same grace as Youth Code, but are doing their own thing in some respects though it is easy to hear where the influences are coming from. I'll round this up to an 8, at times some of the craziness sacrifices the more redeeming melodic elements. If you are hungry for new industrial then this is worth checking out.


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