Friday, September 16, 2016

Candiria : "While They Were Sleeping"

When you hear this album you will become aware of how ahead of their time this band was since they were doing thing before even Dillinger Escape Plan. Not that they were the first to combine jazz and hip-hop with metal as Mr. Bungle , Mordred, Scatterbrain and 24-7 Spyz had already been there and done that. They have reined in what I remember them doing and smoothed over some of the hard core out. This can really be heard in the T melodic sense to "Mereya" that recalls the Deftones in the hook. This comes across as even being watered down to create a sonic conformity to where this kind of music went by the time we get to "Wandering Light". I like the melodic break in this song, it makes more a forgiving of sounding like so many of the Myspace bands that came after them.

They get a little more experimental on "the Cause" has a distorted filter on the vocal and rides a more tense groove. There is a more mainstream metal feel to 'Forgotten" that finds them playing into the more emo-metal, but it is well done and well written so hard to argue against. Granted some of the changes I hear in their sound when listening to songs like "One of You Will Betray Me" is the slicker production. So they might have sounded like this back in the day if the technology had been there. I will say they changes are often not as jarring as they used to be and the jazz influence is dialed back. Hearing a ballad like "Opaque" is pretty weird as I really only caught there first album so I missed them going into the flood of emo bands.

They come back harder on "The Whole World Will Burn". It feels like they are trying a little too hard to achieve the hard core break down feeling. I believe them more on the chorus. There is a more middle road approach to metal core on "Behind these Walls".  "With Broken Bones" is harder, is also reminds me a little of Papa Roach. That's not a deal breaker. "Ten Thousands Tears" finds them playing it safe with the hard core metal hybrid, sure it's a little angular in places, but the revert to being second rate Deftones a little too often. "Servitude"is dark and cool. This is generally well done though this more relaxed, keeping it simple version of the band reminds me of Embodyment. I'll give this album a 7, Embodyment is more my thing if I am going for urban white light rock.

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