Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ulcerate : "Shrines of Paralysis"

They are back to a denser sound more in line with their best album to date "Destroyers of All". But does this one measure up to the 2011 album? I know these guys can write song so the murky mush of riffs they sling at me on the second song is not as impressive. Things do not improve much on "There Are No Saviors" except for the atmospheric break down mid way into the song. The drumming on this section is more impressive than when they are just throwing you up against a wall of double bass. The title track is the first song that has melody and more depth in the feelings it conveys. If the band is capable of writing this then they are more capable in just dialing in the faster more typical death metal songs.

While "Chasm of Fire" is not as strong as the title track it's still an improvement over the first few songs, though a formula is firmly in place where they rang until midway into the song then go for a moody break down. If you are going to do some hammering into your brain death metal then "Extinguished Light" would be the way to do it. The album closes with "End the Hope". With it's more deliberate and dissonant pound it shows hope until blasting off into chaotic non-sense.

The bar is raised high for these guys because we have heard what they are capable of. If you are easily impressed by sheer heaviness and formulaic song writing then this album might wow you. I'll give it a 6.5 because it certainly has it's moments and these guys are skilled at their instruments I would like to hear more heart in the writing and not making the atmosphere an obligatory section that comes right when the clock hits the half way mark. This drops October 28th on Relapse, I am little under whelmed, but some of you sheeple with gobble this like turkeys.

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