Saturday, September 10, 2016

Darkher : "Realms"

This UK based singer song writer is named Jayn Wissenberg. It would be easy to dismiss her as jumping on the Chelsea Wolfe bandwagon, but she is just pulling from similar dark and ethereal influences. She dabbles with doom in a similar manner to what was done on "Abyss", but there is less of an electronic pulse. The song gets more metal than where Chelsea Wolfe went, so if you were hoping "Abyss' was going to be Chelsea Wolfe's metal album then this might be the album you were waiting for. Like Chelsea Wolfe there are some folk elements Jayn explores on "Moths".  She finds herself more on "Wars" that more of an uptempo drive. She ebbs back down to the more introspective "the Dawn Brings A Savior".  Part one of "Buried" finds her becoming even more delicate with almost whispered vocals. The second part finds Jayn raising the intensity in a way that at that place where goth meets doom.

The album's best moment comes from "Foregone".  This build up from more of an indie rock shuffle into something with a darkly beautiful sonic swell. "Lament"find her ebbing back down into the more folk side of what she does. I'll be generous and round this album up to an 8, as I am sure I was a harder on it due to the comparison to Chelsea Wolfe, which are not un-justified. I can appreciate the fact that this was not another  Siouxsie clone and the album was certainly dark enough for me, I guess the x factor keeping it from totally connecting to me is the fact I already have all of Chelsea Wolfe's album and when I need to hear her I can listen to them. Jayn might swear she has never heard Wolfe's work and that might be true, but I can only go off what resonates with me and what my needs are as a listener. You might not be into Chelsea Wolfe, though if you like this album it would be hard for you not to like here music too.

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