Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ghost : "Popestar"

I have become more disgusted with this band over the years, and I actually liked their first album. But I am willing to give them the chance at redeeming themselves. The new song "Square Hammer" is a well written pop song, that is in no way metal. Shakira has song that are as rock as this one. The rest of this ep is covers. The first being Echo & the Bunnymen's " Nocturnal Me". Poppa Smurferitus, is incapable of inflecting the same kind of morose darkness into his voice that Ian McCulloch has. The guitar tone chugs in a more hard rock way than Echo & the Bunnymen's version, but you are leading people to believe you are metal band and you have to work to get more heft into your guitar tone than a new wave band from the 80s  then there is a problem. The fact the song is way over produced doesn't help.

They chose an obscure dance song from Simian Mobile Disco to cover next. This is more of a ballad. I could heard Justin Timberlake. I hope they get a house re-mix of this song so it can play in gay clubs everywhere because that is where these guys truly belong. Poppa Smurf's voice sounds better here, but I think I would preferred them to have covered a Pet Shop Boys song if we were going in this direction.  His voice is lacking on "Missionary Man" , Annie Lennox has way more balls to her voice than this guy. I am guessing he not used to being in the missionary position. They picked an obscure Swedish pop song to cover to close this ep and it sounds like a song that got cut from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". I have no clue how even the most devote fans of the band could defend what sounds like a shitty 80's pop from Australia.

I'll give this album a 4, there are few moments and Poppa Smurfette's voice sounds better here, but over all it's pretty awful and Ghost fan's that stick with this band should be ashamed of themselves if they are not already dancing to the house re-mix of the Simian Mobile song at a club whose name could also double for the name of a steak house.

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