Thursday, September 29, 2016

Negura Bunget : "ZI"

The hungry Transylvanians are back. The first song is more chanting an native instrumentation than metal and when the distortion does crunch on it's just that and not black metal per se. Negru is the only original member with members of Din Brad and Grimegod picking up the slack. There is a weird lapse into rock n roll on "Gradina Steletor". Thanks to the members of Grimegod, there is more of a death metal feel at work than black metal when they do go into the heavier sections. While the rock n roll portions were unexpected I am a fan of the darker moodier beginning of "Brazda da foc" . A throaty Neurosis like sung vocal comes in before the murmur of blast beats builds beneath them. The explosion is however contained. I can appreciate this as it defies the run of the mill metal formula.

The plot thickens as they get heavier on "Baciu mosneag". There is a more frantic almost progressive touch to this one , with sung vocals providing a greater contrast before the death metal growls come in. The there is an almost more Iron Maiden like gallop that chimes in with the guitar solo. It breaks down into minimalist atmosphere with a simmering chant in the background. It builds back up in a manner more in line with the rule book of standard heavy metal dynamics. I really like the blend of sonics and folk instruments that set "Stanciu Gruiul" into motion. It ebbs and flows with all of these sounds in play and a gypsy folk. Far from the heaviest song on the album it does prove to be one of the more interesting. The last song "Marea Cea Mare" has a more abstract droning atmosphere. Female vocals eventually float in, while I did the sonic depth it just hovers in one place for the first  too long. There are some other re-mixes of the other songs, but for the purpose of this review I am just going by the songs written for this album.

I'll give this album a 9. I am unsure if I need this in my iPod or not though I might just give it a shot. I like the balance achieved here that is true to what this band does. If you are already a fan then it should live up to your expectations as to who this band is and what they should sound like while adding more depth to their sound.

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