Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trap Them : " Crown Feral"

I was surprised how much I liked the first song, the second song was more along the lines of what I expected from the guys a grittier Converge like metallic hardcore. There is a touch of Motorhead to the drumming on "Prodigala". This slows into a more mid paced riff with angular edges. "Luster Pendulums" finds are more savage speed and taste for chaos beginning to take over. "Malengines, Here Where Should they Be" is very similar to the previous song. While they have a good dense guitar sound that is very organic, it begins to give the songs a uniformity that starts to wear on me until they go up the octave on the break down. They continue to rely on brutality going into "Speak Nigh". The dry angry rasp of the vocals is a monotone layer of white noise at this point.

I was beginning to feel my intrigue shift into disappointment, so it's good that slowed things down into a darker pound for "Twitching In the Auras". "Revival Spines" got off to more of a punk start and while it maintains the level of venom this album lashes out with it blared past me and did not engage my ears beyond surface level noise. Bass starts off "Stray of the Tongue", but once it blasts off we are along for the same ride all over again. For regular readers of this sit it should come as no surprise that I prefer the darker more death metal like beginning to "Phantom Air" that the more monochrome shades of anger this album throws at you.

I'll round this album up to a 7. I would say this is not my thing, but that is not completely true because I love Converge and much of what these guys do is derivative of that sound. I think they are very capable at what they do. The vocals certainly could use more dynamics, but aside from that the performance is solid. I am guessing if you are  a fan of this band then you are not looking for them to really venture out side of the box they have made for themselves and they will not disappoint in that regard.

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