Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yüth Forever : "Skeleton Youth Forever"

The album opens with a weird almost rapped piece that has a dark music box like backing track. They stomp into more of a down tuned metal, that falls somewhere near both nu-metal and metal core. It reminds me a little of Drop Dead Gorgeous , but not as heavy. "SYF" is more angular and disjointed. One thing about these guys that keeps them from being totally nu-metal is the angular way there riffs carry abrasion that keeps them from falling into the more hooky Rage Against Machine groove that allowed nu-metal to grab hold of the air waves. The lyrics are darker and self deprecating, as the screamer refers to him self as a lonely addict who doesn't want to kick the habit. They scream and pulse into emo noise on "love". Here their vocalists screams gets a little annoying and I'm ready for something different, even though I like how it builds up. "Bitter Romantic" finds the album getting mired down in the same old same old. Five songs in and I'm ready for something different from these guys, as I get the creepy circus metal core riffs and screaming over the break downs in the verses.

"Do You" feels more like an interlude and less like a song to me. Yeah, I said I wanted something different, but I wanted it in the form of a song. Now we are back to the emotional nu-metal meets metal core pounding on "Growing Pains" . It might be the production of the guitar , but for some reason this just doesn't feel heavy to me on this song. "warmth" gets darker and if it wasn't for the weird wobbly riff I might not have noticed we have moved onto a new song. The more screamo like anger is vented on "Inseparable". There is some originality in how they assemble this craziness, not sure this equals great song writing. The temper tantrum that is "the Song I Wrote" sounds like if Slipknot lost all their balls .

The guitar tone finally changes on "innocence", but the way it's produced makes it feel more like another one of those weird interludes rather than an actual song. There is more of an electronic element present, but the vocal arrangement seems more like random ranting. The vocals eventually wind their way into something more like rapping. I would not call what happens on "Villains" a groove. It comes closer to experimental noise taking giant steps with metal shoes.The riff at the two and half minute mark is straight up nu-metal. The last song sounds like one of those emotional melt downs Korn used to have on their first couple albums.I'll round this up to a 7, the album lost a lot of steam for me midway in. I think they have potential and this has a crowd of glue sniffers who will think this is some next level shit ,which it might be for juggaloos, it is not hard core, I like their willingness to try something new would like to hear the song writing given more attention next time around.


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