Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sun Worship : " Pale Dawn"

They start off blasting, but it is recorded with what sounds like dual vocals layered with one the more typical screaming and another a cleaner chant to give an almost Tombs like effect. They drone on the one riff in manner recalling the golden days of Darkthrone. I haven't gotten a ton of that lately so I'm not as burned out on it as I once was. The recording it very raw and cavernous.The second song "Lichtenberg Figures" finds itself hovering over a similar riff. As I let this play and began to work on something else it began to face into the background as a humming blur of distortion. When I went back to listen again I keyed in on a thrashy chorus section that has a more feral punch to it. The drummer is not doubt a beast, and these guys go for the throat all the way. There is no questioning their dedication to what they do. What they do just happens to resemble what many other bands of this ilk do with few colors to set it apart from the rest of the black herd.

 I looked up to realize I was on the 3rd song instead of the second, though this could happen with any number of bands who get locked into the blasty mc nasties and have a hard time pulling away.  I remember hearing their previous album "Elder Giants" that was released in 2014, and hell, I could have even reviewed it , but it must have not left that much of an impression on me as I am unsure how much distinction could be made between the two. "Nalad" finds the less screamed and more dry coughed vocal playing a more dominant role. The drums become a little less interesting on this one as well. Full blast ahead is clearly the only direction this album is going by the time we get to the fourth and final song. Once again a more metallic aggression snarls forward where a chorus would be if these songs were to follow something sounding like a normal song structure. Actual sung vocals surface midway through and help break things up.These guys are solid for the brand of black metal they adhere to I'll give this one a 7.5, if you need some late 90s sounding second wave with just enough variation to remind you what year it is then this German band might be what you need.


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