Friday, June 17, 2016

Stuck Mojo : " Here Come the Infidels"

I am not sure why Bonz is not involved in this comeback. Rich Ward is still doing his best with original drummer Frank Fontsere, to come up with catchy groove metal riffs. The turd in the punch bowl is Canadian rapper Robby J Fonts. Granted rap metal in and of itself is thought of in the same light as hair metal.If you are going to do it then you need someone who is not going to sound like some kid you found doing P.O.D at karaoke. There is a little more of a punk aggression to "The Business of Hate", the vocals on this song sound like it's all Ward. "Rape Whistle" has solid enough riffs to carry it, but when you album is resting on the shoulder's of a rapper, make sure he is not from Canada. Nothing against Canada, I'll take Rush and Voivod any day of the week, I think the ghettos of Canada are about as hard as the Wal-Mart parking lots of Iowa. So when says to "step to him and you might get shot" it's hard to take him seriously. it's Ward's input that keeps this song afloat. While Ward might get more of chance to shine in Fozzy, he rips a pretty mean solo on "Verbal Combat".

They go more of a Linkin Park route on "Destroyer" by indulging more in their hip-hop side. In all fairness this approach sounds a little less dated. The verses of "the Worst Person on Earth" are some of the album's heavier moments, the song is still packed with pretty effective hooks and if this came out 15 years ago it might sound a little fresher. "Fire Me" is well written, just a little middle of the road. "I am Legion" tries to get a little darker, but the verses are pretty lame thanks to the all to white boy rapping . "Tambourine" is about southern belles and could have come right from 1994. For rap rock they do a good job of it on "Blasphemy" to close out the album. They show signs of improvement as the album progresses, and Robby J might not grow on me, but fills in the gaps of Ward's riff's in a way that are less annoying.

The deck is really stacked against them, but they stick to their guns and don't try to make Myspace metal or djent, if they became a hard core band I suppose that might be the only safe way to go, but they are themselves for better or worse. I'll give this album a 6.5, round it up to a 7 if you never grew out of this sort of thing, if that is the case you might have been missing it and then it might go down on your top ten for the year, there is no accounting for taste in the trailer parks of South Georgia.

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