Friday, June 17, 2016

Scorpion Child : "Acid Roulette"

This band got some buzz on some of the sites that pirates sail past, so I wondered who the fuck are these guys. The answer is this Texas band plays big stoner rock in the vein of Wolfmother. Their singer's cocaine fueled tenor almost borders on cock rock. It reminds me of when grunge hit big and all these cock rock band's were trying to find something more like Mother Love Bone to transition into. Badlands was one band that made some great albums during this time, though I can't say I have really hunted them down to hear how they have stood up over time. I will say the rock harder than Ghost, which isn't saying much and have more honesty in their sound than the Darkness, which is another back handed compliment. "My Lady In Black" doesn't impress me as much as it's very middle of the road retro hard rock. Strangely I can hear how this band is equal parts In Solitude and Faster Pussycat. Even with the weird synth parts the title track is no where as psychedelic as this band thinks they are. They make old Monster Magnet seem like Spiritualized in comparison. Both the melody to the verses and the little jam in the middle of the title track impress me a little that what's been offered so far on this album.

 They remind me of a more rock n roll version of Fastaway meets Mind Funk on "Winter Side of Deranged", overall it's energetic but not their most inspired songwriting.They hit more of a Rainbow groove on "Twilight Coven" the chorus doesn't hit like it needs to, but the songs better than most. The singer is so far at his most impressive here to have the kinda power to belt it out in a manner that would bring Dio to mind. They go the ballad route on "Survives". This song makes me think of the mock rock star they had on the show Californication. "Blinds Man's Shine" is weird mix of White Stripes and Motley Crue. There is a similar sleazy strut to "Moon Tension", the vocals sound like there is a little more thought put into their placement. The tone has already been set for bar friendly rock n roll, I am sure the more you drink the better this band sounds. "Tower Grove" gets back in the more proto-metal direction, Diamond Head could certainly be a reference point for these guys. As cheese filled as it is " I might be Your Man" is one of the more well written songs in the second half of this album and make me think of what Savatage might sound like if they went cock rock. They stay in this same pattern for the rest of the album. I am not sure what the hype is about, if you missed cock rock the first time around you might round it up to an 8 from the 7.5 I am going to give it. What I liked is the energy they had when they are really locked into their moments which are larger than life, rather than when they come across like a parody of their influences.

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