Thursday, June 2, 2016

Angel Du$t : "Rock the Fuck On Forever"

This album is pretty much just fun punk. The guitar has a little bit of a harder edge to it and the vocals have a dead pan almost Helmet like croon at times. The first three songs are all under two minutes. There is a lower punchier vocal that is interchanged almost like a hype-man. "Stay" uses a similar formula, but energetically isn't sold as hard. There is more of an almost pop punk thing to "Upside Down". While there is a care free almost comedic attitude about most of this the irony stops there as this drummer isn't a joke. "Make You Hurt" is only a minute so in this quick burst of a song there is not much that can develop accept for a call and response. Tempo wise "Bad Thing" returns to the old Weezer 50's rock pace. It's not the most original song, but well done with a lot of heart. "Rectify" sounds like it should be an extension of "Bad Thing", but has half the charm.

The rock with more aggression and more melody on 'Deep Love" . They kick around a little harder  and the vocals are one of the song's strong suits aside from it's passion for rocking. For under two minutes they put it together well. "Headstone" has a poppier punk bounce to it with the bass really driving it. It's not the album's strongest moment as it is pretty straight forward, but doesn't have as much personality to sell me on. "Twist n Shout" is not a cover of the Beatles song. It is  as poppy as that era of the Liverpool legends, but not as tightly written, but then again who can write song's like the Beatles? But judging it by the merit of this band it's kinda middle of the road. They return to a more aggressive form of punk on "Somebody Else" which is the heaviest song on the album.

The punk of "Stranger Things"  has more of a Black Flag edge to it. This is not a display of their tightest song writing. but it it on the more fist pumping side of decent. This album just came out on Pop Wig Records back on the 20th. Expect for it to retain most of the buzz it has already garnered. I'll give this album an 8, you are really hungry for punk that is quick and fast, but still melodic, then this is worth your time.

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