Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hellhorse : "s/t:

This band recalls the drug summer's of the late nineties in their take on post-grunge stoner metal. Vocally there is more rock to the singer's roar, while the band pounds behind him with a power that calls Soundgarden's and the Melvins more muscular moments. The only thing I don't like about this band is the fact they have two singers, and my theory is just have one singer who can do both. But if I try to block that out then this is a pretty fun ride. Production wise this album was meant to be played loud at it over powers my computers speakers with it's overdriven grit. I don't fee like the second song really holds up to the kind of power thrown around in the opener. I like the more blues baked dynamics to the melodies of "Fortune Favors the Bold". Which ever singer they chose to sing "Blood Boiler" is the one that needs to go. I do like the singer who sings more than the guy who does the punk yelling. It could be this song just doesn't play to the band's strengths even when they go for a more Clutch like thing.

 The alt-metal of "Hell of A Ride" has a better groove, but could use a stronger melody. The hooks just don't grab me as hard as this band is capable of doing. There is more of a metal gallop to "Raise the Black Flag" that justifies the bellow of the throaty vocals. There is a little more melody put into the melody of riff to "Hell Haven". The vocals set the baritone croon the yelled vocal, which can be a little awkward at times. They are heavier on the closing "No Fucks Given" which builds into a more southern gospel section, lyrically it's a little silly with the lines about joining the circus. I'll give this one an 8, it falls a little short of being something I need in my iPod for daily listening, but there are some really good songs, the first and the 3rd song being the most impressive. It's a little more middle of the road than where my tastes normally go and when I am in the mood to listen to this sort of thing I would listen to Clutch instead. But if you want so hard rock with a punk edge then this band from Denmark is worth your time.

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