Sunday, June 5, 2016

Harakiri For the Sky : " III : Trauma"

The post rock infused in this post- metal seems to be more post-hardcore if the half time stomps are any indication. The drums of this Austrian project are more double bass heavy than they are blast beaten. The vocals feel more hardcore in their mid range dry screams. The guitars have a range of colors and sonic textures making them the centerpiece of this projects sound. The drumming is a close runner up, and the two work well to make the most out of every punch. I think I make it no secret that I am burned out on the whole ten minute plus epic, but these guys made me forget to look at the time and made the most of the eleven minutes the opener takes up. "Funeral Dreams" is more up tempo, but doesn't pull you into like the opener did and comes across as being a little indifferent when the double bass is not hammering at you. "Thanatos" comes at you harder with the double bass driving eve more relentlessly. The guitar tones begin to stray from your typical metal over drive right before the blast beats come in. This gives a wide range of sonic space that is being covered here. The clean vocals that surface really add a lot and don't fall along the lines of most melodic singing that is still left over from the days of Myspace metal. They blast back into a more black metal direction after this.

With Agalloch broken up these guys are just as suited as any to claim that crown. Things slow down for "This Life as a Dagger" . The screams are pretty emotive and very post-hardcore vibe going in the way this groove flows against the atmosphere.There is a really awesome guitar break at the six and a half minute mark. The half time punch at the end of the song is pretty powerful as well. 'The Traces We Leave" starts off with a more black metal feel, though very entrenched in melody. The half time stomp is now beginning to become part of the formula here. The vocals morph into something more interesting meeting between a scream and singing. "Viaticum" finds them locked in a throaty chant that reminds me of Nachtmystium. There is a cleaner post-rock like tone to the brighter "Dry the River", that has an almost screamo cadence to it. The vocal chant becomes clearer toward the midway point of the song, as their bag of sonic tricks continues to swell.  The last song wraps what they have been doing up nicely with a bow, it doesn't take you any where new, just sums what the strengths of this experience have been.I'll give this one an 8.5 it's pretty solid.

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