Friday, June 17, 2016

A Tribute to Slayer

So Metal Hammer released a Slayer tribute album. Slayer is going to be hanging it up soon, but it's clear the mark they left on extreme metal. Let's face it, there would not be such a thing without them. Carnifex went for the scream at the beginning of "Angel of Death". It was a little weak, but at least they tried which is more than I can say for Slayer these days. If this is death core than it sound more like death metal to me than hard core. There guitar tone is not as dialed in as Slayer's , but Rick Rubin didn't produce this so they are going to have clicking double bass and less venom in their tone. Battlecross has more of a Skeleton Witch sound, but does a decent job with 'War Ensemble". Once again the chug is lacking on a production standpoint. I'm not sure about Apocalyptica's medley of " South of Heaven and Mandatory Suicide" being the best investment of studio time. Of course Enslave is going to deliver the goods with their cover or "Jesus Saves". It is a surprising choice for them, I thought they might pick something more melodic. It sounds like it could have been recorded in their earlier years, either way they nail it.

I didn't know Hypocrisy was still around. Their bass tone sucks, but they get the job done otherwise with a barked death grunt for vocals. Of Krisiun is going to beat the hell out of "Silent Scream". It is a rather one dimensional attack, but we are talking Slayer not Iron Maiden here so it works. Cataract is a band I have never heard of before, but they summon the best guitar tone so far. The vocals are spit out with anger, but the lyrics are still present. This sends these guys to the top of the heap when it comes to really doing Slayer justice. One of the other high lights is Dark Funeral's take on "Dead Skin Mask". Their guitarist can really shred when he feels like it. Six Feet Under prove just how limited Chris Barnes' vocals are with their attempt at "At Dawn They Sleep". It is the worst vocal performance on the album where stellar vocals are not in high demand. Vader's cover of "Reigning Blood" reminds me of pre-"Beneath the Remains" Sepultura. This was fun and made me want to listen to the original version of these songs. This is more of a mix tape rather than a tribute album, as the release dates of this are a little suspect , but I'll give this an 8.

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