Friday, June 17, 2016

Scour : "s/t"

With grind core on the rise as I have been predicting, Phil Anselmo's new super group teams pig destroyers with cattle decapitators for a decrepit birth on heaviness with a blackened streak to it. Phil goes with more of a grind core meets death metal approach to his grunts and growls , they blast ahead on the second song, and weave back and forth for varied levels of blackness. The songs are longer than what say Nails does, but there is a similar density. Nails is more grind core and truth be told has catchier riffs that what is going on here. I do like the chant that Phil converges into as " Clot" reaches it's end. Phil still retains an impressive growl and is no doubt steeped in varied genres of extreme music. This is even heavier than his Illegals album. Perhaps not as grind core as the album he did with Anal Cunt, but these are actual songs and not outbursts.

"Crooked" is under the two minute mark, so I had to listen to it a second time to really form an opinion on what is going on here. They are obviously trying to blacken things up, by the time they get to "Codes" and Phil is screaming about vampires. The wheel is not being reinvented, nor is the steel when it comes to what this album is adding to heavy music. "Tactics" is just an atmospheric interlude, so there are really five songs not six on this EP. The final song "Tear Gas" is an unrestrained blast fest. Pantera fans will be surprised by how heavy this is, but for metal heads who have adapted to the times this is just business as usual. The first solo is ripped on the last song. If those kinda things impress you then you will join the masturbatory fury, but I think the closing riff is more impressive.

I was little torn when it comes to scoring this album I could round it up to an 8, due to sheer heaviness or round it down to a 7.5, because that is all there is and these guys are pros who could have brought more to the table when it comes to the originality of the song writing. If you are a regular reader here then you would not be surprised by the direction I would go in, since at the end of the day it's all about the song. July 15th is the date Housecore Records is releasing this sonic kick in the nuts.

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