Saturday, June 18, 2016


This Quebec based black metal band, blasts into things with a feral frenzy that is very calculated in it's rage. They have more in common with Agalloch than Darkthrone. It's kind funny as this album is an exploration into their heritage, that if a Scandinavian band did the same thing they would be branded as nsbm or racists for having that kind of pride, but since Canadians are not seen in that light it's just fascinating lyrical content. The lyrics are snarled in such a way that they are largely buried by the wall of guitars that goes speeding by.Truth be tole their attack of their instruments is fairly nondescript. This could be any black metal band that came out in the past five years. There is a fair balance of atmosphere, but nothing that really makes me take note and say o.k this is their signature.

There are some cool sonic moments on the third song, but it hovers in a blast beat blur with the faint clean vocals that fly through the background offering the most color. "Le sang des Heros" finds the band flashing their teeth their most fiercest intensity. It's easy to get caught up in the power the race along with, but if you listen really closely what else is there?  Are the type of person who is impressed by heaviness alone and need little more to sustain your listening interest or do you care about nuance? Oh, but black metal isn't about scream. Well the best black metal is. The shock of the second wave is over and done with. There will never be another "Blaze in the Northern Sky" nor does there really need to be. Not that they are trying to recreate what Darkthrone did, but I am not really hearing who they are.If who they are is sounding like everyone else, then how can that be what black metal is about? If I am asking too many questions of metal, then go back to sleep.

While they have speed, they some how manage to keep the songs from sounding too similar though conforming to the norm. So I find myself listening for what is different? What sets these guys apart. I got that they can play a blast beat. Their drummer is good. If he sucked this album would have been doomed. It's not until "Vesperales" that more cascading pattern emerges and lifts this into a more dynamic place sonically.The last song is an extended outro that really could have been cut down to conserve bloat.They guys have excellent energy and execution for that I'll give this album a 7.

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