Sunday, June 12, 2016

All Your Sisters :"Uncomfortable Skin"

This Duo from San Francisco, tries to get darker than their depth. The vocals are throat Killing Joke style while the music behind it entangles the jangle of post-punk guitars with a lo-fi drum machine. The thunk of a stiff bass groove gives a little bit of an industrial edge to "Black God" . It reminds me a little bit of some stuff I recorded while on a bunch of drugs in the late 90s. The heavily effected guitar fills up your head phones, but I don't think the song writing here is all that focused. The drum machine also keep this from packing the kind of punch that industrial deserves."Heater' has a little more drive, it's still very lo-fi which keeps the sound from fully committing to an industrial pound. The guitar and vocals are a little more interesting on the moodier "Loss". The song doesn't really progress into anything of note and holds onto the bass line for dear life. The guitar wanders off and does it's own thing.

There is more of a Joy Division like skip to the bass line that opens up "Remains". Skip could also be refereed to as an up beat stiffness. It's layered with a much noisier guitar tone. "Filled With Waste" does tap into some interesting tones, but moves at a rather plodding place, There is more of a groove to "Shame " as pace picks up. The baritone vocals are more crooned instead of casually exclaimed. I would not think of these guys as dark even when the album touches upon it's deepest darkest place on "No Hope".  The song staggers but never limps it's way into a groove. There is a more brooding build to "Reconcile". It builds without ever cashing in on its promise of going anywhere, even in the chaos of it's unfolding sonic layers. I like the mood, but I need to hear a little more musically from this project. He chants reconcile as the song ebbs down to a noisy end.

In some ways I like where this album ants to go. I think the vocals could have used a few more effects on them. This is about as lo-fi as it could have gone and still be enjoyable. They try to defy the genre lines , but this is post-punk with an attitude. I'll give this album a 7.5 as it has it's moments , but never really wowed me. I think this project has potential. This is being released by the Flenser July 8th.


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