Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top 10 Guitarists of 2015

The end of the 2015 lists is here , we are looking at the players who made the best albums of 2015 the best and breaking did down by looking at the top 10 guitarists , bassists , drummers and singers. I don't care if Shreddy Van McShredder put out the most blistering piece of neo-classical freturbation ever, if he doesn't play on an album that is on any of my top 10 charts then who cares...only you. So here we go with guitarists, not all of which twisted scales around the neck of their guitar some had awesome tone and pulled off their tricks in a more sonic scope with in the confines of their songs. I'll make another top ten greatest guitarist of al time list when I am done with these and perhaps that will put things into perspective as to what I look for in a guitar is for now we have this.

 10-You Oshima - Sigh

 After battling cancer and being forced to leave his home due to a nuclear disaster Oshima hooked up with Sigh, who are already a talented bunch and shone in a away among them his previous solo albums might not have allowed.

9-Slow Death -Brett Campbell

 Stepping away from the mic he dominates in Pallbearer Brett really proves his chops in a band that is way more doom than Pallbearer is at present. "Ark' found his playing reaching beyond the realms of doom into new heights.


8- Kyle Moeller - Vehemence "Forward Without Motion" is the perfect title for the album as it's forward thinking death metal that doesn't move away from what you expect from the genre. The opening run that opens the song posted below, should explain why Moeller made this list. His playing is very fluid and effortless and added another melodic dimension to their sound, while shredding pretty hard.

7-Arve Isdal - Enslaved

 If we were just talking about live he might have even ranked higher as he is a true rock god on stage with no denying, he also added some fire to the latest slab of Viking prog. He serves the song and knows when to turn it on and off. For a metal guitarist he is fine backing on the gain and exploring other tones. He doesn't have to shred, and can add more sonic qualities when called upon and "In Times" hight lights every aspect of his playing.

6-Laura Pleasants - Kylesa

 She doesn't shred like the others on this list , instead her super power is taste and tone. She gives her band and fuller sonic range and adds some dark texture. They have grown over the years as a band from a crusty sludge ridden monster into a more shadowy beast dripping with surreal effects, this is where her playing is most noted. Increasingly melodic and always tasteful, where great tone and aggression meet

5- Nadir - Dodsferd

 Now we get into some players who straight up shred that the genre hasn't seen since Totalselfhatred, who are missing in action so it wonderful he has stepped up to place his foot on the monitor and fill the void. On wastes of life he makes his band atmospheric without making it minimally stagnant, by pulling off some beautiful acoustic passages. By not playing like a metal guitarist he has elevated this metal album. This is not to say he doesn't rip it when he needs to because this is some of the best metal playing no matter the genre.

4-Chris Richardson - Cleric/ John Zorn

 In the context of his metal band I was unaware he was a master of his instrument as he is on this John Zorn album, makes me want to really pay more attention when Cleric releases their next one. Considering who he is playing his tone play the pivot in making this metal while he is true to Zorn's vision.

3-Adam Zaars- Tribulation

 The solos on this album hold most of the melody and when he is not soloing the guitar is holding most of the melody, which is what makes he band stand out and question if they are indeed death metal. Something can be said for his tone which raises the death metal debate, since it is warmer and organic than most death metal bands and is what gives this band their personality.

2-Aaron Carey- Nechowhen

 His clean tone rips as much as when he steps on the distortion, if he wasn't up against one of the best guitarists ever he might have the number one slot.His solos balance technique and melody. If this was done in an over top fashion it would have ruined the songs, so he strikes a perfect balance.

1-Adrian Smith - Iron Maiden

 He plays like this is their last album and he wants to make every note count. Smith had the most to prove of all the players on this list as Dave and Jannick stepped up their game as well. "Book of Souls" is a great album that is only soldified by Smith blazing fret work.

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