Tuesday, December 3, 2019


This is the 3rd album from this French "band" that consists of two members of the project Igorr, namely the brain child Igorr himself. While this is a doom band it is highly progressive and almost as spastic as Igorr, so tempos very and this is not your typical doom by any means. Aided by Igorr's use of electronics they make dipping into another brand of metal seem as easy as pressing an esc key on a sonic glitch. The fact that doom is the sound the return to despite covering a great deal of ground over the course of the song says a lot to me about what they are going for here. There is a darker and creepier tone to "D". It also highlights the more symphonic flare to what they do that can be referred to as gothic, it sounds to me like if  Cradle of Filth was bi-polar. The low croaking vocals ow more to Dani Filth than Peter Steele. There are excellent flourishes of guitar,  highlighting the fact they are being crazy is not due to them trying to compensate.

There is a more of a Mr. Bungle feel to the third song. Lots of lurking syncopation. I don't care what anyone says , I am going to be the cat getting yelled at by housewives and say the fourth song is called 'Kobold" . It more of a brooding song that works off a more concentrated throb  It a slow build, rather than throwing a lot of twists and turns at you like the other songs, the tempo shifts do not occur to a noticeable until  five and a half minutes in and then they are not as jarring. The vocals are layered on the entire album, ind of creating what Mike Patton does by himself with multiple people. They are back to a more operatic classical feel with "NS2". The intent of the song is for it to flow more smoothly. A wise choice because being unpredictable all the time becomes predictable.

"Leith see" is another song that is soaring and majestic in the vein of opera rather than jarring . It does pick up into something more thrash like in its metallic intent. Things are more deliberate on "Dold". The pace picks up midway into the song , but the weirdness is not as abrasives as previous transitions.They continue to hold back on the last song which I assumed would be more balls out. I have given this album a ton of listens so I will round this up to a 9.  If you are into Bands like Mr. Bungle, Sigh and Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum, then it is recommended.

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