Thursday, December 13, 2018

the Weekly Playlist 16- Taylor Swift

I have been kicking around the idea of doing this one for some time, because my Tay Tay fandom is an odd quirky trait that some people associate with me. Since today is her 29th birthday it makes more sense for me to go ahead and do this. One thing I noticed going back to compile this is she doesn't do sweet songs, she does bittersweet songs. At least the ones that are my favorites because if there is a Taylor Swift song with a minor scale in it then you know I am going to like it. So here are some of my favorites that are not the in your face all the time radios tracks except for maybe one or two.



 "End Game"


 "Back to December" 


 "Don't Blame Me" 


 "All to Well"


 "the Outside"


 "I Almost Do"


"Tell Me Why"


 "Everything Has Changed"


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