Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Sound of Me Before You Vol 4

Here's the final installment of this series, with a theme of if you are going to share  your life with someone; once of the most important things you can share is your music. It's the pieces of me that I don’t have words for as they are an amalgamation of my thoughts and emotions relating to sonic vibrations. Music can always take me back to a place in time. This encompasses the period of time of going to the West coast and back, having a child as well as my struggles with mental illness once I put down the chemicals. So when I think of it in terms of what made me who I am today and how do I get to where I am. I can say this is the sound of where I was before I had the capacity to open my self up. This is the sound of what I had to live through to be a person capable of wanting interaction with another being.  So this is a soundtrack to that I have organized it in terms of the year these songs are released . The story they tell is somewhat loose. This is me giving these songs as token to someone of what was inside me before they knew me. While the bulk of this is what my life sounded like before them it  this does lead into 2018 and ends with the song that encapsulates how I have felt about them for the past 5 months .

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - "Angle of Repose"


Opeth- "Coil"


Katatonia -"Forsaker"


Zola Jesus "Sea Talk"


Chelsea Wolfe -"Mer"


Frank Ocean- "Pyramids"


David Bowie- "Love is Lost"


Lana Del Rey- "the Ultra Violence"


the Weeknd- "the Hills"


Emma Ruth Rundle - "Protection"


Taylor Swift - "Are You Ready For It"


Pale Waves - "Kiss"


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