Friday, May 22, 2015

Uniform : "Perfect World"

I really like what I heard of Believer/Law, the band one half of this project hails from. The opening riff made me hopeful. However after some of the other sound were vomited into my earphones I found this was  more experimental than I expected. I like bands to take chances. But I also like bands to write songs. Industrial leaves more room for experimentation than other genres, but the reality of this is it's industrial with a rough outer layer of hip-ster abrasion. That's the New York scene for you. The punk rock vocals have not become a deal breaker. He is cursing the ground some one walks on. The novelty is still intact. I was hoping this would be more along the lines of Believer/ Law. On paper the punk attitude teamed up with industrial might bright the Lard project that Al Jurgenson did with Jello Biafra. One way to put it might be this carries more drone, another way to put it would be this songs are sonically monochrome."Indifferent" makes me want to be indifferent from the one trick pony of a vocalist that sneers over the wall of feedback. He seems to be mad about a fashion show, despite wishing his friend well. By the third song I can't decide if I am getting sick of the vocals or if they are growing on me.

The riff becomes more distinct on "Buyer's Remorse" which I am starting to think would have been a better title track for the album when the noise kicks in and begins dirtying up the place.Midway through the song it turns into chaos and falls apart, which the vocals just ranting around. They earn some industrial cred with Drew Mcdowall from Coil and Psychic Tv joining them on "Lost Causes" which finds the vocals toning down and almost carrying a melody. Here the droning nature of what they tend to do makes more sense with some ambiance to it. I think the industrial back drop also fits better at this slowed pacing.

The album closes out with "Learning to Forget". The guitar rings out with obtuse dissonance. The samples take the place of where vocals would be. I find myself waiting for percussive things that never come. So this really serves more as an outro than an actual song. I still find myself rounding this down to a 7, because the vocals on this turn me off despite some cool sounds that are put on the canvas of this album. If you are looking for some newer industrial to check out and like obnoxious punk then don't miss this one.

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