Sunday, May 24, 2015

Haldol : "S/t"

O.k giving the revival another chance this time it's a band from Nashville, that understood there sound would work better in Philly. The guitar is kinda death rock and the drummer has a thing for the disco beat. It is the vocals that are stuck in punk. These guys have more ball them than your average punk crossover in death rock.So they more than likely have some back ground in hardcore. The creep factor increasing by a few degrees and the singer comes closer to singing on "Insomnia in Dream City". The bass tone is burly. It growls out from under the guitars. Then it proves to be two steps forward one step back on "Law of Indifference" which despite its very Black Sabbath bass line finds the band falling back into their old punk ways.

They always seem to have a ton of drive to them " Time is Not on Our Side" brings attention to this fact. The drummer sticks to toms and the band gets heavier sonically around them. The punk chorus is the disappointment here. The guitarist knows how to get noisy in a good way. They do not really  give the darkness that should come with this sort of thing it's due until they slow down for the closing song "Beyond the Pleasure Principle". There is not much to it. The song just throbs and pulses until a little over the half way mark when the drums speed things up and give the song more form. You can hear the influence of early Cure here.

There is some potential here. This album sounds good. With a little more melody these guys will be there. This album I am going to round up to a 7.5 as the sounds are dead on, it's the imatturity of defaulting back to punk that holds these songs back  that can mar the album. If you are a punk fan it might be an 8 for you.


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