Wednesday, May 20, 2015

King Giant: "Black Ocean Waves"

There is a hint of something ominous behind the rather happy strum of guitar that opens up this album. The chug shows up midway into things. This is much more prog than not. The stoner like riff comes in on " the One God Forgot to Save". The vocals have a rasp to them but are sung, kinda grungey. There are elements of many 90s band mixed in here . Soundgarden, Tool, Monster-Magnet , Corrosion of Conformity and Helmet all have an influence. Even Rob Zombie in the vocal delivery. the Singer has a more melodic command and is singing more than ROB Zombie, but there is a similar quality.However his voice is not slather in as many effects.  I would say they are further from doom than Kyuss. There is a mournful quality to "Red Skies", but it's not fact at times I am torn as to if this is even metal it feels more like hard rock at times.While that debate is never ending, one thing is a fact and that is the guitars are what holds this album together.

Some songs even the best playing can't do much with. "Trail Of Thorns" is kinda generic and one of the more White Zombie moments, mixed with a bit of Danzig.The Danzig side is further brought to light on the blues filled riffs of "Blood of the Lamb" they brazenly rip off "Am I Evil" on this song. There is a very Sabbath worship filled riff to " the Gentlemen Carry". It reminds me of one of Slayer's serial killer ballads.

The vocals eventually get on my nerves. It often seems like the same old same old and the singer could be from any local band I might see playing at any old dive on a Friday night. I do like the horror slant to the lyrics. Though much brighter "There Were Bells" sounds like it's from this decade and the guitar does a good job of holding things together. This album did grow on me a bit as I like the bands who influenced them back in the day.I'll give it a 6.

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