Thursday, May 28, 2015

Prurient : " Frozen Niagara Falls"

What makes this album stand out to me as opposed to other drone filled noise albums that paint with similar ambiance is that this album tells a story. It often leans closely to Skinny Puppy like industrial. The melodies that haunt this album are subtle drops of crystal onto  into the black pool of abrasion. The coarse robotic screams of "are you rotting in there" are a good example of how the album makes the most of the vocals that do appear. Some moments are more challenging than others. The glitch and feedback coated "Sorrow with a Braid" which is more of a noise ridden interlude. There is a edm feel to "Every Relationship Earthwise". Despite the inclusion of vocals I am split as to if "Traditional Snow Fall " is even a real song. I have listened to it a few times tryings to decide. This decision is made easier on something like the kraut rock synths of "Jester in Agony".

There narrative begins to take more form on " Shoulders of Summerstones. You begin to hear similar synth themes repeat themselves. "Greenpoint" introduces acoustic guitar into the mix and then the rise of the machines takes over. The depressing story of addiction continues into "Live Torn Apart". The story really takes more form the further into the album you go. The whispered chant of "You'll turn water into wine , never again" shows the downside of Jesus for an alcoholic. The title track is a shadowy interlude of machines crashing and/ or having mental break downs. Then the darker turn comes on "Cocaine Daughter" the effected samples and spoken word serve as the focal instruments.The second part of the title track closes out the album with a barrage of distorted voice and feedback.

When the story is standing out and melody is at least waiting in the wings this album is in stellar form. It is heavy on atmosphere and often side tracked with numerous interlude into feedback and the squeal of frequencies being diverted. I'll give this one a 7.5. If you have a high threshold for noise then round it up another point , I think this is a direction this project should continue to expand upon.

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