Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cardinal Noire : "s/t"

The Finnish Industrial project brings it's apocalyptic cauldron to life with a buzz of synths and clashing samples. There is no way to talk about this band without stating the facts that they are clearly coming from the Skinny Puppy school of industrial, if they say otherwise they are lying. The vocals to "Narkomat" attack every thing just as aggressively as the clanging of the other jagged samples and sequences. The third song has a very similar feel to "Narkomat" the first song with vocals. Considering their influences they possess the same dark qualities of other industrial projects I like. The album is really well produced, the mix gives every thing the oppressive claustrophobia inducing feel it should have. There is almost a more metal feel to "A New Form of Machinery" . The presence of guitars is nil though at times some of the distorted sounds serve the same purpose as a guitar would.

"White Dust' is more of an interlude that feels like the intro build to "Flagellant"  where the pace really picks up. There is a cool groove when it backs off some. For programmed drums they sounds really good on this song. This is not to say that if you dislike drum machines...well I am not sure why you are reading a review of an industrial band, but the drums do sound inorganic as does everything on the album, but that's the point. There is more noise to "Black Sustenance" that makes it harder for me to really get into it.

The jumbled tapestry of robotic destruction that is "Purgation" reminds me of  some of Skinny Puppy's fast forward classic moments. However what this project does best is more aptly presented in the groove that rides the slink of "Mirror Shards". The chorus like section that comes in the last two minutes carries more melody than expected.I'll give this album an 8, they really captured a bleak destructive sounds that I like, some of the songs just could have been more song less destruction.

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