Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kayo Dot : "Coffins On IO"

This band's sound has really matured. The opening track reminds me of a cross between Roxy Music and Twin Shadow. The vocals  have come along way in terms of their command of the melodies.The album had been hailed previously by critics as taking the band into a goth direction referencing Sisters of Mercy in several reviews. I'm not sure what album they listened to or if they know any Sisters of Mercy aside from "Vision Thing". It's dark, but in more of a Japan or Roxy Music sense. At the three minute mark there is a really unique vocal melody on "Offramp Cycle, Pattern 22". The song titles are as long as the songs. I would have complained about the fourteen minute opening track if it was so damn good.

The band strays a little from the sound that works best for them on "Long Time Disturbance.." . The vocal has a smoothness to it but all other elements of the so are angular and minimal in a way that they never really full connect. Two minutes so progressive meandering pulls it in like 80s King Crimson. I can hear some Dredg among the Adrian Belew influence. they walk a much different path than what you might commonly think of as progressive rock today. They capitalize more on the feeling and less about the mathematics, though there are Rush moments on "Library Subterranean". The synths create something that drones like mix of Can and Pink Floyd. "The Assassination of Adam" goes into a dark John Zorn styled alley after having a seizure. This is the album's densest song.

The album closes with a floating falsetto vocal that cools down into some David Lynchian Roxified Music. The sax is steamy and the song as a narcotic pulse that lingers. At ten minutes it becomes more of a dark drugged version of lounge jazz. This album tends to wander and "Long Time Disturbance.." runs of the rails an into the formless clouds, but the band has really matured. I'll give it an 8.5 There no goth to be found, but some good drugged out art rock.

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