Thursday, May 21, 2015

Domovoyd : s/t

Couldn't remember if I gave these guys a listen or not, seems like I haven't so I'll give the Finnish band  shot. They drone for the first four minutes of this sixteen minute song that could have been a 12 minute song. Often dark and apocalyptic in it's looming power, not sure this is doom. It gathers up speed at the nine minute mark and vocals come in. They are not growled , more spoken like early Pink Floyd, and not really sung. These guys are good players. The bass players is on it. The guitars are very sonic, some times a little overdriven. Coarser vocals come in at the eleven minute mark.

The is a solid groove to "Ambrosian Perfume."The vocals come in sounding like Interpol, before this turns into some burly stoner rock. They go into a trippy spoken word like interlude before hitting a song that blends post punk with sludge on "Mystagogue" . The more Interpol like vocals return in the angular sonic craziness that is "Amor Fati".

The close things out with over seventeen minutes of "Vivid Insanity". They drone along and when the vocals come in it sounds like Psychic TV. They drone for the first eight and a half minutes before busting into a sludge riff. It reminds me of a Tool riff. It slows into a half time lumber.This is one of the albums less original moments. Overall however I like the range of sounds and varied elements that are the sum of this albums parts and it might even make it onto the iPod so I'll give it a 9.

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