Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ommadon: 'Empathy For the Wicked"

I won't listen to most albums that are two twenty minute songs, it's not going on the iPod so why get attached? The first song if it to be called that latches onto on riff and doesn't let go. The drumming is really the only impressive element to this. Tone alone only goes so far. There are plenty of bands who have found it that write actual songs with vocals and melody.This is droning but not in a hypnotic way. It quickly becomes background music to me as it seems the first song only has two parts to it in the first ten minutes.

The second song starts off white noise . Five minutes into the next twenty minute song and it is hanging a difference that could only be measured as a vibration.If you like listening to this you also enjoy the sound of traffic out side your window in rain . The sound get denser and more machine like, but still refuses to become music by the ten and a half minute mark. Drums come in at the fourteen minute mark , meaning this song could and should have been shaved down to eight minutes. the riff that does finally surface sounds so much like one of the riffs from the first song that it doesn't make the pay off for having endured the first 14 minutes worthwhile.

I'm not sure if I have ever scored an album a one before because it would me that I could not make it past the first song. I made it though this one but wasted forty plus minutes of my life doing so. I love doom. This is just noise. It's gets a 2 . Round it up if you love noise and sniff some more glue.

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