Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kings Destroy

In my quest to find more doom I clicked on the new one by Brooklyn's Kings Destroy and this reminds me of what doom used to be thought of in the 90s. Sure there was still real doom like St. Vitus and Solitude Aeturnus around, but this post-Kyuss blend of stoner rock came to the forefront. In someways this also owes something to grunge and even Helmet. The singer has a decent voice. This is however pretty straight ahead and not as dark as what as I normally listen to and that sentence there explains some of the problem if this is being called doomed and I'm saying its not dark. Sure it's way up beat tempo wise. Much in the same way old Queens of the Stoneage engaged in 70's arena rock, these guys have more of an edge to it.

This is their third album and it's pretty polished and well oiled machine of grooving riffs. Maybe not doom, but they do some times lay the smack down on half time riffs. "W2" doesn't capitalize on some of the song writing smarts that were infused into the first two songs. They back off on "Mythomania", this opens the way for new melodic ground to be broken. It is not unlike newer Royal Thunder just without the soaring vocals. I's midway through "Embers" that I realize the other huge influence I am hearing on this album is Quicksand. This ghost from the 90s continues to haunt "Green Diamonds". The closest this album comes to doom is on the closing song "Time For War". Here they simmer at a slower speed and the singer bring more aggression into his vocals.

This album might not be doom, but it's not half bad if you miss Quicksand and that era of the mid 90s. I did a ton of during during that time and this would have been a great addition to that soundtrack , but in 2015 I'll give it a 7.


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