Friday, May 8, 2015

Doom Snake Cult : " Love Sorrow Doom"

So hungry for new doom I am listening to every promo that might be some sort of doom in my inbox. So if you guys have any suggestions of new doom...meaning 2015, that I haven't hit yet lemme know in the comments. So this album is pleasing to my ears in that it owes a lot to Celtic Frost. I alway like the fact these guys don't drag the songs out pat the ten minute mark. They get off to a good start then when they speed up into more of a blackened death metal pace, it gets a little sloppy and sounds like they are going into a rushed punk beat.There is a slight "Altars of Madness" element under the surface, some of the more experimental elements in "Tribal Se'Ance" help keep things varied. I find myself tapping my foot to "Love" but the lyrics are stupid, some one growling to me that we should try to love one another ruins it for me. It is one of the rare cases where they lyrics can ruin the song for me to the point that I could not make it through the whole song.

 By the time we get to "Doom" I fin the album fading into the back ground with little hope of recapturing my attention. We have a bunch or recycled Celtic Frosts riff and little in the way of song writing. I have ton of drugs in my day , but I do not hear any of the psychedelia that is supposed to be here aside from some effects in the intros. I even give "Frozen Doll Land" another listen to hear if I missed something. I like the sluggish beginning then the song goes sideways. "Sorrow" is an improvement, the syncopation varies and gives the song more depth and groove.One thing about this album is the song title always seems to be growled where the chorus should be in a rather juvenile manner that's how I though songs should be written in the 7th grade. In the 7th grade I also liked Impaler's "If We Had Brains We'd Be Dangerous" album, which this album reminds me of in some ways. Since there was no such thing as the internet when I was in the 7th grade I tended to buy albums with cool covers so they would have suckered me in on this one. While they get credit for not going the way of current bandwagons the songs didn't demand my ear consistently but enough to earn a 6.

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  1. This album was recorded in 1990. It was digitally remastered and re-released with new artwork in May 2015.