Sunday, May 31, 2015

Muerte : "Lp"

At this point we have had the history lessons on the incestuous path from which goth sprang from punk rock...or glam in the 70s, while punk wants to take credit it's really Lou Reed and Bowie, who are the fore fathers, but just search this blog with the word goth and you can catch up on this history. Now today we have  the debut album from these Mexican punks, who know just enough about the cross roads goth came from to want to be cooler than the average punk band , but at their heart they are squatting in the gutter rather than hanging at the bat cave . They have the bass tone down, which is fortunate since that is what largely propels the first song. You are on the fourth song before you know and most of them sound the same. I went back and gave them another listen and came to the same conclusion . The reason for this is two fold. One the guitar is often back in the mix so you can't clearly hear whats gong on. Sometimes it does put up on top of the monitors once in while for a riff that is slightly spookier than your average punk. But the second reason plays into that last statement. Your average punk band sounds like every other average punk bands it's only the great ones that stand out for the one ...two... three... go. Which is why I am pretty picky about what punk I listen to. The fact the lyrics are in Spanish also adds to the songs all having a similar sound since they are spat out in such a similar shouted tongue.

The song that is named after there band is the first song that stands out after the opening track. There are a few ok moments scattered about in a couple of other songs. Though this one eventually descends into that boring snare pound. the finally two songs on this album begin to employ more of the darker things that have worked better on this album. Like more effects on the guitar. The last song maybe not as much as the one before it as it just kinda pounds its way down the same path you have been on for the duration of this album. Sure it's darker than your average punk. So if dark punk is your thing then you might dig this. I like dark punk as well but the reason this doesn't work so well is the flat dynamics. Every thing is full speed go and it's all a blur, the moments that don't fall into this are far and few between and nothing makes me want to return to this album once it is digested. So if you are too young to know better this one is for you.  This time the math did not lie. It's a dead on 5.5 in my book.


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