Friday, August 9, 2013

Chelsea Wolfe : We Hit A Wall

Here's the first single from the Sept 3rd release that i'm dying for. While I originally heard this was going to be an electronic album from this , it sounds like that doesn't mean electronic like industrial or dance music but unlike her last album "Unknown Rooms"  it will be a plugged in amps up to ten sort of thing.

The guitars are very dark and remind me of Depeche Mode if they were writing the sound track to a David Lynch movie. The tone is beautiful. Her melodies are haunting , and while that term is often used to describe something captivating or ethereal, it is those thing but also as in a ghost, foreboding coming from beyond the grave, a siren of suicide. This is uplifting to me when I am depressed, its very powerful with a cascade of violins in the background as the song pound for ward just not in a metal sense, so I wouldn't expect the Burzum cover album just yet.

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