Tuesday, May 7, 2013


O.k We are back with it last week has been crazy, so getting back to giving the ipod a click and reviewing whatever pops up, here we go ...

"Behind the Void" by Liturgy, ... For these guys I guess this is one of their more straight forward blasty mc nasty jams, this album is much rawer than their last effort and who knows what is up with the band at this point I know Triple H here has a new project that sound almost like Tool, but anyways in regards to this song it's not their finest moment but more thought is put into the sound than scores of other more cvlt bands.

"Mermaids" By Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.. Yeah off his newest album which I have already reviewed, the lyrics start off a little silly but the song itself has stood the test of the past few months so far for me. I like the chorus, it has a smooth reflective quality I appreciate.

"I Wait" By Bell Witch...This gloomy dirge is a little long winded but I like the sonics this band manages to rumble together as a two piece, the vocal variations keep things interesting even as the funeral drone marches along. At the three and a half minute mark there's a powerful build and I prefer this to Samothrace hands down.

"Ablutions" By Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum...This was more than likely the best album that came out in that year. the competition was "In Sorte Diaboli" and this isnt really a metal in comparison. Carla's voice reminds me of a medicated Bjork here and if you wanna swear to me this is the most original song ever you have never heard Frank Zappa's 200 motels album, but I like when the vocals come together at the end though I can live with out them counting chickens and counting sheep.

"Wild Eyes" by Night Sins ... it's an odd mix today, I have reviewed this album as well, it still sounds good to me so thats gotta be worth something even if the keyboards sound a little thinner to me when i listen to it now. Always good after ten p.m. listening or rainy afternoons, glad when this pops up on shuffle but the album as a whole hasnt burned up the ipod.

"Alison" By Slowdive...I guess the song every one knows by these would be this one, but the crowd of people who know it is limited to shoegaze fans who wee doing drugs in the nineties, so there a certain age demographic there to this. This band should have received more recognition, there a few bigger band who did this sort of thing and I think these guys pulled it off better.

"Freezing Moon" By Mayhem...I like Attila's delivery on this one and the song it self goes to show you can be black metal at more than one speed. As far as black metal goes "De Mysteriis" is a classic. The production is a few steps ahead of Burzum and Darkthrone , but keeps cvltists happy.

"Fall Down" Pinkish Black...I reviewed this full album last year, still sounds good to me don't wear it out like I did when I first got it and yes this is an album I actually bought after listening to it on spotify for awhile. This one is a little more aggressive than some o the others moodier tracks on the album, bass on this sounds like Godflesh to me.

"Bird of Prey" by Uriah Heap, .. I read an interview with King Diamond when I was a teenager where he said this song was a big influence on him so I tracked it down and have remained a pretty big Uriah Heap fan over the years. They are like a more hippy version of Deep Purple, their keyboardist rock the house down.

"Passover" By Joy Division...I have been in an Ian Curtis mood for the past few weeks and find my self listening to these guys more on an ever increasing basis, this song is very stark, the guitar sits back from it allowing the the vocals to ramble on, but I like how the instruments pop in and out of this drone they are grooving on.

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