Tuesday, May 21, 2013

R.I.P Ray Manzarek

This is the end my friend for Keyboardist Ray Manzarek for now sails with Jim in the Crystal ship after succumbing to his battle with cancer. Their will be a slew of eulogies and obituaries of various natures for him, but considering the fact the Doors were a huge influence on the death worshipping goth scene I'd rather celebrate his work. So here is the list of my top ten favorite Doors songs but it could also be called the Doors' top ten songs that influenced goth music or the top ten darkest Doors songs

10-Strange Days- Well there is aside from the bleakness of the subject matter and Morrison's voice this starts of with one of Ray's creepier Keyboard riffs, I'm sure Carl Mccoy has listened to this one a few hundred times.

9-Riders on the Storm- the song broods like a storm cloud but is off set by the delicate flourishes of the keyboard, the seem of being an outsider looking in is a common theme as they were lumped in with the peace and love bands of the time period when they have a very isolated theme, not unlike Joy Division

8-People are Strange - While Echo and the Bunnymen's cover of this fit the tone of Lost Boys, the opening notes to this song are darker than best Depeche Mode riffs.

7-The Wasp- hello Nick Cave, please tell us how much this song influenced you because the thought always crosses my mind when I hear it, sure it's way bluesier than average goth band ever dips unless you are the cult or the Birthday party, but the lyrics could be from a Christian Death album.

5-End of the Night- The guitar slinks like a shadow and the keyboards sound like they are from a funeral, if this was beaten the hell out of at an insane volume it would be Swans.

4-Spanish Caravan- the flamenco guitar reminds me of both Siouxsie and Alice Cooper, the exotic nature of the syncopation is very Bauhaus,and the explosion mid song is one of rocks best moments and pretty proggy.

3-the End , this seems like such an obvious choice I was trying to avoid, but I guess it's obvious for a good reason, the song was way ahead of it's time and soundtrack or many a drug fueled melt down.

2-the Celebration of the Lizard- they created a sanctuary and the song creeps under Jim's sermon.

1-You're Lost Little Girl- I actually heard Siouxise's version which was my door to the Doors outside of all their radio hits which shows their was a much darker side to the band.

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