Sunday, May 5, 2013

Peter Murphy@Terminal West

After seeing Bauhaus in 98 on the reunion tour, the bar was held pretty high as they were beyond stellar that night. So I went into the show with some trepidation after the publicized personal difficulties Murphy encountered a month or so ago which I though might have put the tour in jeopardy, So I was stunned by the performance that ensued. First off Peter was enjoying himself and every minute onstage. Secondly his voice was on point. He had every ounce of power and range , perhaps even more so than in 98. He looked great, The mug shot I had seen of him online obviously was the syndrome and catches no one at their best, though you would think the LAPD, would be more prepared given the high influx of celebrities they encounter. This was the subject of a blog I wrote earlier last month and Murphy upheld my rule of I want my rock stars decadent as long as they can bring it live.

I like the Terminal West as a venue even if its location isn't the most preferred for me personally as I am never on the west side of town. I do like the fact it looks like the Bronze inside and with the Peter Murphy crowd I expected it to be more Goth gone wild, which would further the Buffy vibe, but instead it was more like the Buffy episode where they eat the cursed fundraiser chocolate bars that turn adults into kids. There were lots of forty year old women who had once had a goth phase and they have since forsaken their Clairol Blue Black. This however was not a problem for me as i was up against the stage the bulk of the show with the ex-goths behind me.

It was also cool for them to open with "King Volcano" and there are songs like "All We Really Wanted Was Everything" that when I heard it preformed live renewed my appreciation for it. The bassist helped give "Double Dare" and even more metallic stomp. The highlights for me were some of my personal favorites "She's in Parties" , "Silent Hedges" and " In the Flat Field" all of which took away the case of the I wish He would play.... So in that respect I left the show very content. Though now I would like to catch him again to here him play his solo stuff.I was pretty surprised that songs from "Go Away White" were included in the set, I like the album but I'm not sure the general fan considers it to be among their classics.

While the Bauhaus show had the luxury of bigger budget behind its staging,Murphy held the theatrical elements present in his stage presence alone. He did have a hand held l.e.d white light he used to eerie effect he did no rely on it adapting his prescience to fit the tone of the song some times retreating to the back of the stage for more introspective moments. My doubts were laid to rest at this show and the glorious Mr. Murphy has the mythic pedestal I have held him up on in my mind firmly intact. This wasn't just a case of graceful aging gliding through the nostalgia this some one who tool command of both the stage and songs making them every bit as relevant in that moment, if you the Trent Reznor's of the world can be so lucky. Whatever personal drama he has garnered in the press be damned, because if they can rock like that then I agree with Bill Hicks and I want my rock stars on drugs and in the lap of decadence, after whats option b some watered down Coldplay bullshit?

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