Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bathsheba : "Servus"

Here is the doom I have been looking for. These are the thoughts inspired by the weighty riffs that opens the new album from this Belgian band. The fact the clean vocals are so dominate works for me  she can pull out some more snarled harsher vocals , which are effectively used. The pace picks up out of the realms of doom into something more blast beaten  when it slows down into a more deliberate and powerful drive it should make you  believer, The execution on the second song feels more like Fear of God, Sax wanders around some of the songs more slinky blues infused moments. It is not conventional tried and true doom that  breaking the ten minute mark. It's darker by a few degrees, though finds it's way back into the more powerful distortion with the doom element varying it degrees of subtlety.

"Demon 13" chug down a road more common in this brand of metal though the vocals help set it apart from every one but, Atriarch and Fear of God, which means they allow their compelling darkness to make them heavier. Ger tortured rasp breaks up the narrative of this song and gives it more punch. There is a more burdened pace to "the Sleepless Gods". The vocals carry a little lower croon. It eventually all builds into a pretty powerful section 3 / 4's through. The pulse that opens "I At the End of Everything" is more upbeat than most doom cascades into a more post-punk creep, which is an influence whose shadow is rather restrained. The mood is well set at the beginning of the song, but eventually the hypnotic nature just numbs me out with it's drone. This sets in during the song's final two minutes.

I have no problem rounding this album up to a 9.5 and seeing how it sits with me because after my first few listens I can hear myself really getting some mileage out of this album. This album is being released on Feb 24th.


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