Saturday, January 21, 2017

Horseneck : " Heavy Trip"

This band consists of former members of Wil Haven and Jess Gowrie who played drums for Chelsea Wolfe on the last time she came around on the "Abyss" tour. It kicks off with a crazy 70's style boogie that is couple with sometimes manic screaming, though there is also actual singing on this track as well. There is more of a Kvelertak like rock n roll strut to " Michael Caine" . It might be a little middle of the road and strike as a party anthem of sorts , but it is really well done even in it's most derivative moments. I don't think "P.a.g" really upholds the highest standards we are hearing from the first two songs, but it might be that I am used to their sound at that point. Though the smoother vocal really makes a difference on "Smoking Stacks".

Jess' drumming is better than what I heard her do with Chelsea Wolfe. There is a weird bluesy slacker groove to "Hangman". It plods along in the most surreal way possible. "Bobby Brown" is more straight forward and I don't find it as engaging. "No Gods " has a more powerful metal kick to it.There is a more sludge core energy bursting from "Lester Vitalis". They back off from the pounding and allow for a more Dinosaur Jr like melody on "Basket of Snakes". It ebbs back into their more savage side and offers a more snarling contrast two one another as the song ambles along. They end the album with the upbeat attack of "Plow the Road". This is another songs that has more of that Acid Bath swamp groove to it. I suppose you could say Kyuss is an influence on this guys , but there is more of a swamp feel than the kind of desert rock Kyuss kicked up and the Sabbath influence is far more dialed back. I would think these guys listen to more punk than metal. The guitar hints at the fact they own several 70's rock albums like say Thin Lizzy. I'll give this album a 9 for now and see how it grows on me, so it is a rather pleasant surprise.

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