Saturday, January 21, 2017

Catching up with 2016 - Yith : "Dread"

ok here is a look at the last album we are going to back and give a listen to that slipped under the radar last year. The first song had me much more willing to label this project as black metal band , but once we get into "Resentment" I find myself rethinking that as they successfully bring a bleak despairing darkness to the table. When you realize this is another one of those one man project and this is all being conjured up from a basement somewhere in small town USA, then it is even more impressive. The tremolo picked guitar is still lurking around. The  interlude of clean toned guitar feels more obligatory and like it should have just been tagged onto the song "Dread" that follows with carries some decent atmosphere to it's dark lumbering churn. Some of this has the production to thanks as they wisely set the guitar melody in the back.  This qualifies without question as blackened doom.

The pace picks up past what I consider doom and moves more towards black metal if you are thinking of it in more of a Urfaust perspective. This one churns by me without pulling me into it as deeply. There is almost a similar reaction to "Upon Dark Shores" that follows until, they slow down and lock into a more hypnotic section that makes the more ponderous moments worthwhile. For Yith to be a one man band the drumming is pretty dialed in. Quality is no in question on this album.I think these guys are onto something, I would like to hear more from their doomy side than there black metal moments, because I think those have more geunine feeling captured in them. I'll give this album an 8.5.

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