Thursday, January 12, 2017

This Was 2016 ....My Year In Music

2016 was a hard year, it came to a crushing conclusion that is opening a frightening new chapter, and I have hinted and mentioned certain events in various posts and social media, those closest to me in real life know the details, others might just have clues, I have shared my life in writing and pictures with you on this blog so here is my 2016 month by month paired up with the most fitting song. Some of these fit more neatly than others. In OCD like fashion I debated with the committee of one in my head how to do this. At first this was going to be all songs from 2016, and while there are some I think the songs gathered here provide the most fitting soundtrack to describe what the past year of my life has been like. There are multiple layers and emotions connected to various events in certain places in time, so I am trying to depict the shifting perspective of the years events in a manner than not as cryptic as it could have been. I'll let the music do the talking from here.

January -the Talking Heads - " This Must Be the Place"

February- The Decemberists - "Of Angels and Angles"

March- The National - " I Should Live In Salt"

April- Black Foxxes - "Slow Jams Forever"

May - Peter Murphy "Keep Me From Harm"

June- Cold War Kids- " All of This Could be Yours"

July- Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Happy Home"

August - The Weeknd - "Attention"

September- Pallbearer- "the Sound and the Fury"

October - Sia- " Elastic Heart"

November Planes Mistaken For Stars - "Clean Up Mean"

December Taylor Swift-"Back To December"

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