Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dread Sovereign : " For Doom the Bell Tolls"

Ever wondered what Primordial might sound like if they were into doom rather than black metal ? Well Dread Sovereign answers that on their new album. It is a huge improvement from their 2014 album which was pretty decent. They waste no time praising Satan in a a hair raising fashion on the opener which also employs a wider range of chops from the guitarist and the bass player. "This World is Doomed" gathers more steam and launches off with a bristling thrash tinged energy that reminds me more of Metal Church, especially when the higher layer of backing vocals come in.

Speaking of vocals they are one of the main focal points that sets this band part from their peers. While the guitars on this album are what is most improved , the vocals are certainly smoother this time around. They have a similar dramatic flair to them that conjures.Things then get weird when "the Spines of Saturn" rides in on a wave of psychedelia. The drums are more relaxed and very non-metal. They close the album with a cover of Venom's "Live Like an Angel, Die Like A Devil". I am not sure why this is one here as I would have rather heard another original from these guys than them trying to get cool points with this.

Aside from the Venom cover , which doesn't suck, the rest of  the album is much better than decent. I'll give it an 8. I would like to hear more of a full length than this which boils down to being an ep. But that is a success if they made me want more from them and they scored higher than their last album .

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