Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wilcifer's Top 10 David Bowie Songs

The year anniversary of Bowie's death this seems fitting and since I have been listening to him for 31 years, then this is not a band wagon I am jumping. If you know me in real life then you will concur I am the most qualified to do this so sit back you are in the hands of a pro

 10- Magic Dance

 Thanks to the drugs I can never remember if I owned the Labyrinth soundtrack before I got Lets Dance, but this song still holds up and has gone on to become one of my daughter's favorites.


 9-"Hallo Space Boy"

 This one hits so fucking hard for a David Bowie song it's almost metal.

 8-Andy Warhol

 From his days as an art house hippie in a dress, the song is incrediballs. The guitar riff alone earns it a space here


 7- "Under the God"

 From his Tin Machine days this one rocks pretty hard and Reeves Gabrels really proved himself to me on this one. This is not Bowie's most impressive vocal, but it does prove he can sing with a much grit as needed.


 6- "Scary Monsters (Super Creeps)" 

 Trent Reznor already knows he owes his career to Bowie, this song is a reminder Bowie is the goth-father

5-"Neighborhood Threat"

 While I want Bowie crooning to me, I also want him to rock and this song he does both as only he could. "Tonight" is an under rated album and a good way to find out who is a posthumous poser.


 4-"I Know It's Going Happen Someday"

 Did you think I was going to let Bowie covering a Morrissey song slip by ? He can still circles around Moz and brings a gospel feel to it.

  3- "Rock N Roll Suicide" Lyrically this is kind of his wink to Lou Reed, but the way this song builds is incredible

 2-"China Girl" 

 This song could have been number one. It is typically my karaoke go to as I can slay it
. One of the best songs ever written, at this point his voice had matured into a captivating baritone. Let's Dance would also have to battle it out in my head against Young Americans as his best album.


 1- "Fascination"

 I have rewound this song and replayed more than any other. It drips sex and his voice sounds amazing. One of the best vocal performances ever recorded.


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